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Concrit post, since this journal doesn't have one yet.

Please please please, I like concrit, it's very helpful.
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Outside 1665 Nelson and around town.
[So yeah that event wasn't so fun but HEY NOW THERE IS A PACKAGE ADDRESSED TO WALLY.


He opens it up and... there's nothing inside. Weird. He shakes it a little, as if that would dislodge something hidden but... there's nothing inside.

But. Hey. He's...

...feeling pretty speedy.

He grins, and without a second thought he sprints down the road at about sixty miles an hour.

And then he starts going faster.

And faster.

He's circled the town a few times over the course of the next ten minutes at speeds approaching the speed of sound, which is pretty damn fast, okay. But by the time he zips back to the mailbox at 1665 Nelson, he's frowning a little.]

...still not fast enough. But hey, better than nothing.

[And then he realizes.]

...oops. I hope no one noticed that.

[Because he just raced around Mayfield in civilian clothes. Not exactly conducive to a secret identity.

Over the course of the day you might see your friendly neighborhood Flash, in full costume, racing around town. There's not a whole lot to do, but man it feels good to be running again, even if it's not as fast as he can go normally. Give a shout, he may stop and talk to you!

Of course, it's also possible you might have caught a glimpse of Wally running around this morning in his normal clothes out of the corner of your eye. Maybe. It's possible. But are you really sure?]
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Action - Mailbox at 1665 Nelson after work
[Wally got a package in the mail! It's addressed to him and everything! EXCITING! He opens it up and... oh.

It's his superhero costume. He doesn't take it all the way out of the box, he just... stares at it.

Then he frowns and says, almost petulantly,]

Oh come on, that's just not fair.

Phone - That Evening

So hey this whole mail business... so they give you some of your old stuff back after... weird stuff happens? Is this a regular thing?
Action Around Town

[Wally actually... doesn't look all that bad in the tux and cape. Unfortunately his red hair completely ruins the effect, but he's giving it his best shot anyway.

Stalking you, that is. If he had his super speed he could maybe do this effectively but whatever.]
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[Action - 1665 Nelson - Morning] [When Wally wakes up, the world is molasses.

No... that's not right. The world is still the world, it's just he's moving through it like it's molasses.

Okay that's kind of overstating it. But still. It's obvious from the moment he wakes up and tries to look around the room that he can't move even a tenth of the speed he's used to. In fact, he falls rather spectacularly out of bed when he tries to zip around the room and ends up flailing, tripping, and landing quite gracefully (and loudly) on the floor.

He's stuck at normal speed.


He's kind of freaking out. The room is weird, there are weird pictures with him in them and the clothes are all wrong... and everything he does is so slow. True, he wasn't The Flash his whole life, he was normal once, too, but just like he had to get used to suddenly having super speed, now he's suddenly without it and he has no idea what's going on. Time to start talking himself through it.]

Okay. So I have no idea where I am, my suit's nowhere to be seen, and my powers are completely gone.

[He scratches his head.]

Guess this calls for some investigating.

Crap. Never was really good at that.

[He sighs.]

Guess I should start by getting dressed. Don't want to start an investigation in my PJs.

[He'll do so and start poking around the house.]

[Phone - Later that morning] So hey, Wally West here. Sorry for interrupting your beautiful morning but I'm randomly dialing and you're the lucky winner! I seem to be new here... uh... I think I got the basics down... mind helping me out with some specifics?
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[Unknown site tag]
Name: Waffle
Personal LJ: [ profile] captainlilith
Contact Info: AIM: theatrechcolate Plurk: withsyrup
Other Characters Played: Hiccup ([ profile] worstvikingever) and Jormungandr ([ profile] dearmungandr)
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character Name: Wally West, The Flash
Character Series: Justice League and Justice League Unlimited
Character Age: It’s never stated, but probably late twenties to early thirties. Let’s just say 29 to nail it down.
Background: Wally West is a forensic scientist who got struck by lightning while he was hanging around some very specific chemicals. No, really. That’s how he got his power of super speed. Anyway, once he figured out his awesome super speed skills he decided to use his power for good and became the Flash, the fastest man alive, hero of Central City.

When the world faced invasion from aliens who had previously destroyed the civilization on Mars, J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter, called together seven heroes to work together and defeat the invaders. The team consisted of Superman, Batman, John Stewart the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, J’onn J’onzz, and the Flash. After successfully beating back the invasion, the group decided to remain a team and called themselves the Justice League. They watched over the world from their satellite, the Watchtower, and fight against various villains as they protect the earth. That’s a very basic rendition of the plot behind Justice League.

The plot of Justice League Unlimited is much the same, except at this point the original seven have teamed up with hundreds of other heroes from all over the world and across the galaxy. The force they create is formidable, and the governments of the earth start to get nervous about the fact that there is an autonomous army that, if they so chose, could take over the world with very little difficulty. Much of Justice League Unlimited deals with the conflict between the governments and the League as they try to reconcile this.

The Wikipedia page of the original Justice League series is here. The page for Justice League Unlimited is here. A brief description of each episode in both series is here. The page for Flash in both series is here. I’ll be taking Wally from between season one and two of Justice League Unlimited, so after his defeat of Brainiac Lex Luthor and his discovery of the Speed Force.

Personality: Wally is, for the most part, a complete goofball. His first instinct is to crack jokes, use bad one-liners, and generally do his best to lighten the mood, even when it isn’t entirely appropriate. He’s the most optimistic of the group, and tends to think with his heart before using his head. He may not be the sharpest tool in the box, but he means well.

Flash is said to be the “heart” of the team. Wally’s moral compass is very finely tuned, and he has a clear sense of right and wrong as well as all the fine line that separates the two. He doesn’t have a whole lot of patience for people that have proven themselves to be irredeemable, but he also has a lot of mercy for those who really do want to try to turn their lives around and make a change.

When Shayera Hol (Hawkgirl) betrays the Justice League in favor of her own people and then turns around and betrays them when she finds out they were intending to destroy earth instead of protect it, Flash is the first one to defend her in front of the rest of the League in favor of letting her stay. He’s also the first to hug her when she decides to resign without hearing what they decided. Flash trusts easily, but his trust is very rarely ever misplaced.

In regards to his rogue gallery, Flash treats them fairly, bringing them to justice, but also extending a friendly hand to people like the Trickster. Instead of immediately cracking down on him, he puts an arm around his shoulders and asks why he’s doing what he’s doing, and encourages him to get help with his mental illness. This is something that defines Wally: his instinct to find the best in everyone, his optimism that people can change, and his desire to help everyone for the better.

He does act rather immaturely rather often, which leads him to sometimes be treated as a child or the “rookie” of the team. He bemoans this fact, complaining that as an experienced superhero, he should be treated with the same respect as the others. So he is aware of how he is treated, but is unaware of how his actions lead to being treated in such a way. However, while Flash may not receive respect on the level of, say, Superman or Batman, he is a vital member of the team and they do poorly without his presence, as showcased by the episodes “A Better World” in the second season of Justice League. In an alternate dimension, Flash is killed, and without him there to set the moral standard and be the “heart” of the team, the Justice Lords (that dimension’s Justice League) end up imposing a totalitarian regime on the whole planet.

TV Tropes actually labels Flash as The Messiah. No, really. Of course, once Flash finds out about how his absence affects the team, he’s not averse to pointing out how important he is later on. He’s still the comic relief goofball, no matter how serious he gets when shit goes down.

Abilities: Super speed. That’s it, but there’s a lot of things he can do with it and some pretty big side effects that come with it. For instance, due to his hyper-increased metabolism, Wally eats a ton and quite often. Some of the things we’ve seen him do, other than run at a speed that boggles the mind, is increase his heart rate to fool a heart monitor into thinking he’s flatlined; vibrate his molecules so that the can pass through an object (this generally causes the object to explode); run in a circle fast enough to create a sort of localized tornado that kept a large amount of rubble from falling on bystanders; rotate his arms in circles fast enough to create miniature cyclones; his speed enables him to run across the top of water; and he was once able to run so fast he ran around the entire globe several times in less than five minutes. That level of speed, however, caused him to vibrate right out of our plane of existence and into a plane known only as the “speed force,” and after being pulled out of it by the rest of the team, Flash said he could never go that fast again, or he wouldn’t be able to come back. It’s implied but never stated that Flash also thinks very fast, as well as having a super fast reaction time. He can dodge bullets, laser blasts, and explosions extremely well, but he’s also sometimes clumsy and trips and ends up faceplanting into the pavement.

Flash has no super strength, but he is very fit and quite strong, but as a result of his own working out. Though he’s drawn similarly to the other men in the League, his strength and musculature would be closer to a runner’s leanness than a boxer’s arm strength. This does not mean, however, that his punches aren’t effective. He puts enough increased momentum behind his hits that they deliver, and deliver hard. Also he can hit super fast too, so there’s that.

Sample Entry: Okay so how’s the Post Office work? People have been telling me not to bother with it, but I haven’t really gotten a clear explanation as to why not. Is it like “collect fifty bubblegum wrappers or seven dollars and fifty cents and this prize can be yours ABSOLUTELY FREE!!” or is it like sell your soul to the devil kind of stuff? Because I’m not really into that whole sell your soul business. I like my soul where it is, thanks. Besides, those kinds of deals never end well.

Also how do you get a job? I mean sure, unemployment has its high points, like getting to check out the bowling alley and the roller rink whenever I feel like it, but I am so bored right now you guys, you have no idea. I need something to do or I’m going to start bouncing off the walls or beating my head against a rock or something. I need something to keep my mind off of the creep factor, too. You know? It’s like… yeeeugh, everything about this place just gives me the creeps.
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It will be used for other endeavors, hopefully in the near future. Thank you.
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Thankfully, getting out of the watchtower with Suze's help was easier than expected. Wally had successfully hidden from Diana so that though she might have been suspicious, at least she didn't think something was terribly wrong.

In any case, they were back at Wally's apartment, Wally still in the now ill-fitting costume but at least moving around much more easily (he... she had been practicing on what was left of monitor duty). Once Wally got the door open, she practically fell into the apartment, hoping absolutely no one saw them.

She turned around and smiled awkwardly at the much more masculine Suze. "So. Uh. Hello again."
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Your results:
You are The Flash
The Flash
Iron Man
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
Fast, athletic and flirtatious.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero am I?" quiz...

Well I should hope so. I'd hate to have an identity crisis at this point in my life. That would just be awkward.
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Cut OOC for Velociraptor Quiz )

Well that's... reassuring.
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Because yes, I really am a bit of a meme whore.

RP Love Meme!

Pimp it, guys. Make love, not wank.

Oh, and here, if you are feeling particularly loving to any RPer in general, The Unsolicited RP Love Meme.

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It was early evening and Flash was on monitor duty up in the Watchtower. Since it wasn't that late, there were still Leaguers wandering around somewhere, probably, but for the moment he was on his own in the control room.

...he really wished he could turn on some music or something. Monitor duty was boring 85% of the time.
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Jumping on the bandwagon.


This is for Yuuko, Aizen, Radical Edward, and Flash.

Concrit would be lovely!
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Uh... Batman?

I'm, uh... I'm sorry if I've been embarrassing you.
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You Are a Strawberry Shake

You are a truly sweet person... but not too sweet.

You're a little too sassy and funky to be considered a sweetheart.

You love to flirt and tease. And people love the attention you give them.

You are a true extrovert, and you make new friends easily.

You Are Cayenne Pepper

You are very over the top and a bit overwhelming.

You have a fiery personality, and you can give anyone a good jolt.

You can easily take things up a couple notches, no matter what crowd you're running with.

Yeah, I think that just about sums it up.
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Flash had only been a turtle for two days, but he was really tired of it.

So tired that he was, in fact, sleeping. Shayera had gone off to do... something, he had no idea what, but she had been nice enough to leave him on her bed, and he had been fast asleep for a while.

Do turtles snore? Probably not, but if they did Flash would probably be snoring right now.
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Flash really didn't like being a turtle. He just couldn't get used to moving so slowly, for one, and the lack of fingers really bothered him. He hadn't even tried moving from his spot in front of the computer on his desk--there was no way to get down except fall, and it was a lot further to the floor now. And he was getting hungry. Not that he would have been able to get into the fridge even if he were able to get there.

Right now what he really needed was a miracle.

He just hoped Shayera would show up soon.


Aug. 13th, 2008 08:01 pm
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Hey! Bandwagon! Wait for me! *runs after*

I list the characters I play with their journals. You ask questions, on your IC journal or OOC journal, it doesn't matter. They answer IC. Okay? Okay. It can be about their username, what their favorite food is...whatever your mind can come up with.

The Flash: [ profile] speedolightning
Aizen: [ profile] iwillbelikegod
Yuuko: [ profile] timespacewitch
Radical Ed: [ profile] netdiver_ed


Aug. 11th, 2008 11:59 pm
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Okay, I just needed to post this, because I loved it so much.

Silly AIM conversation between Batman and Flash, not really IC and certainly not canon. )
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